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Proper connection to QuickBooks?

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The project I'm working on will be running on the computer with QuickBooks installed.  I believe that office staff may have access to the Quickbook data file from other computers in the office where they enter data.   FileMaker with the plugin will be running on the quickbooks computer and periodically looping through a set of tables and adding or modifying data in quickbooks.  With this in mind, what should the set up be for the QuickBooks connection? Ideally staff will be able to their work while FileMaker is doing it's work.

In some cases,  staff and FileMaker will be looking at the same information.  This will include Customers, Vendors, Vendor bills in others FileMaker will not be touching the tables.  This would include Employees and payroll.

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Make sure any FMP scripts that interact with QB do so only for the user/credential on that one computer. Will the user on that computer be working within the QB UI? If so that user should log into QB using a credential with sufficient privileges to perform all of the automated tasks.

QB, just like FMP, is a database and will lock a record when a user begins editing. That can lead to an error if one of your scripts attempts to edit a "locked" QB record, so make sure you're sharing error messages with your user.


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