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Stream "live" data on an internal screen(website)?

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Hey FM Guys

First, thank you for reading and thank you even more for a reply!

I am kind of new to FileMaker. We started to use it as an inventory for a bike rental company and manage our storage and repairs.

We would like to show to a TV in live time (or triggered a refresh all 5 minutes).

At the moment our digital signage runs on our server with a WordPress plugin. So, we have a non-public website, which is streamed to your TV's webbrowser.

Cheap solution, as we are a startup and it works fine.

Now as we grow we would like to display our bike inventory and repairs which is growing throughout the day on that display, this data is collected in our FileMaker.

RSS feed? ODBC?

Don't know where to search, maybe somebody has an input for me?

Thanks in advance!




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Run FileMaker on a computer, perhaps in kiosk mode, and plug the TV into the HD port of the computer?

Welcome to the forums.

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