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I'm integrating full calendar into a solution and I'm using what Matt did with the fullcalendar.io ( ISO Magazine  ) in FileMaker's web viewer.

I've attached the entire HTML and a section of the HTML where I am trying to dynamically set the calendar in "Week" and in "Day" view to scroll the calendar to the current hour.  Currently I've hard code into the html '07:00:00' which is ok, but would be great if I could dynamically set to current hour when the user clicking into "Week" or "Day".

Any way I've search through the fullcalendar.io documentation and I am able to figure out just about most of what I need to do, but not everything.

Is there anybody with experience integrating the fullcalendar.io into FileMaker and would there be any insight if it is doable how to dynamically setting the "scrollTime".  Please see attached pdf for reference.  


Thank you.



Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 3.26.26 PM.png


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Caveat: I know nothing about FullCalendar. Speaking in general, I believe you have two options here:

  1. Learn how to produce the current time in Javascript;
  2. Produce the current time (or the current hour) in Filemaker and insert it into your Javascript code.

The first option has nothing to do with Filemaker. 

You should be familiar with the second option from this thread:

I even posted a demo file there:


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Thank you ... created a global variable <<$$CURRENTTIME>> in the "UpDate Calendar" script with the calculation result I need and inserted the global variable '<<$$CURRENTTIME>>'  where the '07:00:00' went and it worked perfectly ... 🙂

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