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I have set up an email routine for a client, who is using Office 365, and I am testing on my desktop at home before I move it to their server. I can send email in this script via my own domain, no problem, as I have been able to for many years. But it seems that no matter what options I use mail doesn't successfully send via Office 365.

I've tried "office365.com", "smtp.office365.com", "outlook.office365.com" for the outgoing server. I've added an Exchange account in system prefs. I've tried every combination of port and authentication.

It generally results in "The connection was refused by the SMTP server"... error 1502. (Sometimes 1506.)

It is the same with Gmail, for what that is worth informationally.

Thank you,


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Both Google and Microsoft (and many others) are pushing hard to discourage the use of these old protocols since they are deemed insucure.

See the graphic on this blog post:


Both providers have announced that within the next 12 months or so we won't be able to use protocols like SMTP, POP and IMAP with legacy forms of authentication anymore.

So you may want to get ahead of the curve and use their APIs instead:


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So make sure to double-check their Office account to see if it even allows it.  Google for instance makes explicitly allow "less secure applications" until they take away the capability altogether.

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What specifically would you want to see in the product?

FM is already excellent at working with those APIs, see the demo file that comes with that Soliant blog post.

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