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We are MirrorSync 6 users and we work with an app in Filemaker Go from multiple devices and update the information through MirrorSync when we have a Wifi connection.
The problem that arises is that we need to save photos in a container field (they take up a lot) and we would like it to disappear from the app on the iPad once uploaded to the server.
Can MirrorSync do this? Is there an alternative solution?
Thank you!

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After speaking with some colleagues this is probably not the best approach. Rather, the best way to accomplish this is with DidInsert, then Hub Filtering. In the Hub - DidInsert section of the MS6 script, flag these records, as this section will only run when they have been inserted on the server. Then in Hub Filtering, filter out records that have been flagged in this way. They will be deleted on the next sync. This assumes that the pictures are in a record that can be removed from the spoke. There isn't a good way to do this if the containers are a field in a record, a record is either synced or its not. It would be dangerous to delete just the image, and risk syncing that deletion up to the server. If these images are stored in a container in a record that cannot be deleted, the best approach is to have the pictures in a related table, so they be handled with the DidInsert and Hub filtering.

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