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GetLayoutObjectAttribute "source" from webviewer

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I can't get this function to work, it returns empty even thought I have a web page loaded in the webviewer:

GetLayoutObjectAttribute ("webviewer"; "source")

According to FMA18 documentation I should be getting the URL of the webpage in "webviewer" but I don't.

The client machine runs FMA18 on MacOS Catalina, the file is hosted in FMS 17, MacOS Catalina.

Am I missing something?


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Well, for what I see, using GetLayoutObjectAttribute to get the URL displayed in a web viewer doesn't work if the web viewer has been modified using the 'Set Web Viewer' script step.

I think this should be specified in the GetLayoutObjectAttribute function documentation.

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Posted (edited)

I'm testing this in a FMS hosted file (details in my first post). One use case is

  1. Launch a search from a text field in Google
  2. Let the user find the right result, and open the destination page
  3. Capture the url displayed in webviewer and copy it to another text field

I can't make it work, it happens to me sometimes, I normally understand WHY, but not this time.😪

It just works randomly!

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35 minutes ago, comment said:

How are you testing these things?

Script steps used:

Perform Google search: 

Set Web Viewer [Object Name: "wviewer"; URL: "http://www.google.es/search?" & "q=" & GetAsURLEncoded ( table::searchtext )]

When user clicks a button:

Set Field [table::URL; GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "wviewer"; "source")]


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