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How to enable port 2399 on Filemaker Cloud

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Currently using Filemaker Pro Advanced to configure tables fields and layouts, and to import initial data. Then copy files onto filemaker GO on iPad (use onedrive shared folder), do offline logging on iPad (no wifi no phone signal). Then when back into office use a button on a layout to export the data CSV on the iPad, which onedrive syncs and a process on a server scoops the CSV imports the data into the main MS SQL database, which doesnt use filemaker.


Looking at moving to Filemaker Cloud to make the process of deploying new versions of the project to all iPads easier. Problem is that filemaker Cloud requires internet connection, these iPads are offline 99% of the time. Need to log data while offline.


So we get free trial Filemaker Cloud and free trial MirrorSync and connect MirrorSync to FileMaker cloud. In the documentation it says open port 2399 on your filemaker cloud instance, so that the mirrorsync java servlet can connect to that.


pic 1


I've sucessfully tested an iPad using Filemaker Go to access this cloud database and edit data and after 1 minute the data appeared on filemaker web direct and on filemaker pro advanced desktop, all logged into filemaker cloud via Filemaker ID's, so that all works great. Just need to get MirrorSync to connect to it so that we can log data on iPads without any active internet connection.


pic 2



pic 3


There are sliders to turn on Filemaker Data API and OData, but no where to enable port 2399. If I try to login to the server anyway it gives an error message about Filemaker ID


pic 4 mirrorsync error 



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Judging from the error in your screen shot, it looks like you are using FMCloud 2 and MS 6. If you are looking at the documentation here, you may have missed the note about this only being necessary for MirrorSync 5 or earlier. This is also only applicable with FMCloud 1.XX as you can manage the ports in the AWS console where the EC2 instance would run. MirrorSync 5 or earlier is not compatible with FileMaker Cloud 2.

If you are using FMCloud 2 and MS 6, please download and install this version of MS 6 as it has several improvements in regards to FMCloud 2. I believe this should clear the error in pic 4. 

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