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standalone program run FM script

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We have FM tied in to our department notification systems. We are attempting to use an industrial PLC to trigger one of these notifications.

We have written an in-house application to connect with the PLC in C#, now we are attempting to get that C# application to run a script on the FM server.

Any thoughts?

We have attempted to use the FMdotNet__DataAPI, that however, is not working because of an SSL issue, namely we are running the default certificate.

Here are some code snippets for the integration of FMdotNet__DataAPI:


      var fmserver = new FMS18(server, testAccount, testPassword); // server is the IP address, however we can change that to <computername>.local
      fmserver.SetFile(testFile); // the DB file on the server
      token = await fmserver.Authenticate();

      // after the above line, token is "Error - Object reference not set to an instance of an object."


If there is an easier way to communicate with the server, i will happily accept suggestions.

Like i said before, we only need to run a single script (all vanilla FM script steps).

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Posted (edited)

If getting an SSL cert is not an option (the default FMI cert does not cover client-to-server communications) then turn on the old XML API on the server and use the old fmDotNet library that is a wrapper around the XML API.


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