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Calculated repetition can't see related records

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I have a repeating calculation field. The first repetition is able to refer to related records, the join fields of which are not repeating.

However subsequent repetitions can't see any related records.

I've only got seven repetitions, but the calculation is quite complex so I'd rather not switch to just using seven separate fields.

Is this behaviour by design?


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Posted (edited)

A simplified example would be useful.

In general, if the field you are referencing is non-repeating, you need to use the Extend() function in order to make its value available to all calculation repetitions. If the referenced field is repeating, then each calculation repetition will use the value of the corresponding repetition of the referenced field. This is true for fields from a related table as it is for any other field. 

Not sure what you mean by " the join fields of which are not repeating". Perhaps you meant "match fields"? In any case, a related record is a related record. Once a relationship has been established, it exists for all calculations, in all repetitions.


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Thanks for the confirmation comment. Yes I meant match fields.

Not quite sure where I got confused. As you say it's the Extend function that I need. Interesting that it's not required for Count or list, but is required for getnthrecord.

All working now.

Thank you!

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