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Sub Summary Report Needs to Print Master Record when there are no detail records

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I have a database for our homeowner's association with lots of information that works very well, but have run into a problem when trying to print a directory of members.  Most of the directory information is in the MAIN table; however, there is a second CHILD table with an occurrence for each child that resides at the address listed in MAIN.

There is a sub-summary section when sorted by address, where I print all of the information listed in MAIN, and then I list the CHILD information in the body. I want an occurrence of the body to print for each CHILD associated with that street address.

When I go to create the layout, on the first screen it says "Show records from".  If I pick "MAIN", the report looks fine EXCEPT it will only print one CHILD record regardless of how many CHILD records are associated with that address.  If I pick "CHILD" as the table that is the basis for the report, everything works just like I want it to EXCEPT residents that have no CHILD records associated with their address don't have their MAIN information printed/included in the report.

I've been trying to research how to do this, but having trouble even figuring out what search terms to use to look this up.  Any thoughts are appreciated.


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Unfortunately there is no easy solution for this. Ostensibly you could place a portal to the child table on the layout of the parent table, but portals do not print well across page breaks and also will not adjust individual row heights to the amount of data.

A better solution is to use a "dummy table" with records from both tables. See if this recent thread can help:


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