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Clone file not taking system date format when using migration tool?

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I hope someone could just lead me in the right direction.

We are based in Spain, and whenever I download any sample file most of the time it was created using US date format mm/dd/yyyy. Reading about using the Filemaker Migration Tool and the Helpers, I have manage to create a clone file. If I open the file before using the Migration Tool Helper, then the file takes System date format which is dd/mm/yyyy.

BUT if I dont open the file (as it required for the migration tool to work) and I use the helper to do the migration (in this case DBservices one) then the Output File is back with the old US date format, which is mm/dd/yyyy.

It is important to remark that this only is visible when exporting data (dates) to excel, while using the file all dates shows in European date format dd/mm/yyyy.

Any ideas how to use he Filemaker Migration Tool Helper so the cloned file with all migrated tables would get the system date format dd/mm/yyyy?

Thanks a lot in advance for any comments!

Best regards!



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One can only guess that if the FileMaker Data Migration Tool Guide says:


Important: Do not open the clone with FileMaker Pro Advanced.

and explains:


Opening a clone modifies it so that it won't work with the data migration tool.

it is precisely because they don't want the clone to acquire any settings yet. One could further surmise that they need the clone to inherit the settings from the source file, otherwise the data migration can fail.

Note that importing data between files having different settings does work. So presumably the data migration tool is using a different method to transfer the data -  a method that does not convert the data from source format to target format..


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