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How to Export Record to file with filename from a field

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I have a Script that uses "Export Records" to export a file to the following path:


How do I get 'Untitled' replaced by the contents of a field in my Table?

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Set a variable to:

Get (DesktopPath) & "OUTPUT/" & YourTable::YourField & ".tab"

then use this variable as the output file path in the Export Records > Specify output file dialog.


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Thank you, comment.

I used the "set variable" as follows, and created the following script:

The script runs but gave the following error. The filename is valid (I checked by copying a file into OUTPUT and changing its name to match the value of the variable).


Please can you advise what I have done wrong!!
(Please ignore any image below here, saying ".tab". I have tried to delete it, but it keeps reappearing!!


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extra image was included, had to be deleted
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I have run your test script, and it works.

I tried copying-and-pasting from your script into a new script in my FMPro as follows:

but I still got a failed result.

Any other thoughts?



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Not really. I am ignoring your last attempt, which is obviously wrong (there shouldn't be any escaped quotes in the filepath calculation). The only thing that comes to mind is that your field contains an invalid filename. I am not able to verify this through a screenshot, but perhaps there are some invisible characters?


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I thought that maybe it is the filename that is causing the problem, so I tried using a different field in my table whose content was just PS501 but it didn't help. I got:  "PS501.txt"  could not be created on this disk etctetc.

But if I changed $filePath to xxxfilePath in the Export Records script step, the file got created with filename xxxfilePath.

Unfortunately, that's not QUITE what I need!!!!  Perhaps I'll have to write the files that way by script, and then rename them by hand! A temporary solution, but not very useful!

BTW  the extra images are ones I tried to delete. "edit" seems to allow me to edit my message shortly after hitting "Submit Reply" but when the message reappears the deleted image is not deleted!!!!!

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You have this as the output file path:


You should have only:




The path to the desktop and the OUTPUT folder is already included in the $filePath variable (use Show Custom Dialog to see its exact contents).


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