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Stuck at table mapping after upgrading 5 to 6

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Hi, I was working fine with Filemaker Server 16 and Mirrorsync 5. As I wanted to move upwards, in a new server I installed Filemaker Server 18.03 and SSL certificate. Then I followed these steps: installed Mirrorsync 5, activated the licence, stopped the mirrorsync server, replaced the  SyncData4_MirrorSync folder with the original one from the old server, started the mirrorsync server, edited the configuration I had imported but when I get to the Table Mapping screen I cannot move on. I get a error that says Index: 0, Size: 0

I looked for information in the forums but I found no solution. What should I do? Trash the SyncData4_MirrorSync folder? I don´t want to create a configuration from scratch because I have many tables syncing. Thank you for your help!


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Hi Ramon,

Can you please reproduce the issue and send us your logs? You can send your logs by clicking on the "Send Problem Report and Log Files" link on the MirrorSync browser interface. Please link this thread in the problem description field. 

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