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MirrorSync 5 / FMS17 error

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After a sync, the following text appeared within a container field set up with External (Secure) Storage (this is just the first line of the text)


error_could not get binary data from blob. com.prosc.io.httpioexception_

This error is across many records.

At the same time, the database actually doubled in size ...

It appears to have happened to a set of records that were modified that day (although the modification was actually in a new field - none of the fields set for mirroring were modified)

Has anyone seen this before? Any idea what may have happened?

Many thanks in advance,


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I apologize for the late reply. Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, please submit a MirrorSync log to us. This can be done through the MirrorSync launch page where you downloaded the configuration client([server address]/MirrorSync) by clicking the link Send Problem Report and Log Files, filling out the form, and submitting. If the behavior occurred on a day different from when you are submitting the log, then change the log date on the submission form to the day when the behavior occurred. If that date is more than 2 weeks prior to the current date, you'll have to reproduce the behavior, then submit the log for that day.

When we have seen this error in the past, it was either because the container field was set to store a file as reference---not store externally as you stated---or the user under which the sync was executed had restrictions applied to the account preventing proper access to the sync layouts. Please check if either of those may apply.

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