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Save as PDF to Dropbox

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I have seen various articles and videos that explain how to upload a file from a Filemaker Container to Dropbox using the Dropbox API. However I would like to create a script so that a user can save a pdf directly from Filemaker to a shared Dropbox Folder. Any tips?

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Don't worry. I have figured this out using Get(DesktopPath) to identify where the shared folder will be on each user's computer, saving that as a variable, then including that in the filepath when saving PDF.

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Hi Extreme,

The whole script is pretty long and specific to our company, however the critical steps are:

Early in the script:

Set Variable [ $path1 ; Value: Substitute ( Get (DesktopPath) ; "Desktop/" ; "" ) ]

Set Variable [ $filename ]

Then when you get to the Save Records as PDF script step the Specify Output File should be:


Where I have used "Folder" you could put the name of the folder of your choice or you can create folder names as variables as part of the script.

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