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FileMaker version for OS X High Sierra

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I'm retired and ran FileMaker 12 on Sierra with no issues, however when I upgraded my SSD it will only run on High Sierra. FMPro 12 is unstable and crashes on many change functions.

I don't have the funds to get the latest version but what is the earliest stable version for High Sierra? From this link it seems to be FMPro 15. Can someone still using (or can remember using) High Sierra confirm this is stable?


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Thanks - I've just found multiple references from various sources confirming FMPRo 15 is compatible even though the primary Claris table doesn't list High Sierra next to v15 but this one is clearer. https://community.claris.com/en/s/news/a3r0H000000oF73QAE/filemaker-platform-compatibility-with-macos-high-sierra

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