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Need help in running a script that Imports Repeating Fields from one Table to another when using Webdirect

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Just some background on the current setup -
We have legacy Filemaker 5.5 Server with 10 Databases Files running on an old Windows 2003 Server. using Filemaker Pro 6 Clients.
We are in the Process of moving this to a Filemaker Hosting provider so have to convert these Filemaker .fp5 files to Filemaker 14.

The Hosting Service, proivdes for 1 Database file so rather than trying to convert all of these old files into 1 single Database file, I decided to start from scratch and have now rebuilt each Table in Filemaker Pro 14 (It also gave me the opportunity to clean up on fields, Layouts, Scripts etc. that built up over the years and are no longer used).

The old Filemaker Databases used a number Repeating fields in the Records that would be imported into another Database file using a Script to import the fields.

This will also be the case for the new Single Database file - Importing Repeating Fields from one Table to another Table and it works perfectly when using Filemaker Pro 14 (Open Remote file) but when accessing it through Webdirect, users are prompted for the File to Import.

So for example in the Quotes Table you would have a number of items in Repeating Fields

Item No.    Description    Quantity    Unit Price    Total Price

1                  Product 1         3                 £10             £30    

2                 Product 2         4                £15              £60

A Script (Import these fields) would be run to Generate a Sales Order and the Data in the Quotes Repeating Fields would be pulled in to the Sales Order Table's equivalent repeating fields.

As mentioned all this works fine when using the Filemaker Pro 14 Client but when using Webdirect it keeps prompting for a file to Import.

From what I can gather after looking on the Internet for solutions, there doesn't seem to be one for this Import issue when using Webdirect.

Is there another way around this?



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This has now been solved thanks to the Forum member "comment".

Comment advised me to use variables instead of Import or Copy/Paste and provided me with the Script Code that worked perfectly when using both Webdirect and the Filemaker Client.


See Post at



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