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FILEMAKER PRO 5 for the web

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I'm a beginner user and I just created a database in filemaker pro 5. Now I want to link it to an intranet webpage for our company so it will automaticly update the web database as the filemaker pro database is updated. I created a web database using the web companion but I want more freedom to change things around so it represents our company better. To my best knoweledge the web companion will only spit out a basic layout with few adjustments. Could anyone recommend a program for creating and designing a web page that is compatible with filemaker pro 5. I don't know HTML but I'm going to try to learn it this weekend. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm running on windows 2000 and NT. Thanks.

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Web Companion works in two "modes," Instant and Custom web publishing.

Instant requires no assembly, just turn it on. However you are limited (and I mean limited) to what you get, it cannot be changed.

With Custom web publishing each html format file has to be built to server the intended purpose. this means a lot more work but *complete* control.

To learn Custom, first download the CDML Reference database from the FileMaker web site. Then try to get a copy of Home Page 3 (it's NLA but you might find a trial version somewhere) and use the FileMaker Connecgtion Assistant to build a basic set of format files to get started. Study these format files to work out how it all goes together.

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This topic is 8215 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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