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Hi. I finally went to the filemaker server 18 after being on 12 all these years, as you all recommended. I'm having a serious problem. I took all my database files and brought them to the fm server 18. There's 126 files. I clicked on open all and only 92 files open. Many files are similar, just for a different school year. Going crazy as I promised we'll be up by Monday. If I can't resolve this I have to go back to 12. Any help on this?


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Ok. Found two things. I looked at the log. Is it true I can only open 125 files? As far as files not opening I saw this:

SECURITY: Database "Resource_File_Opener" cannot be opened because it does not have the required password protection.

Apparently it's only opening files with passwords. Can I set it to open files that don't have passwords? I think that's the major problem. If it's true about the 125 is there another setting for that?



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"FileMaker Server can host up to 125 FileMaker Pro Advanced files."

So yes, you'll need another server, or have you considered consolidating some of your files?

By default FMS won't open files with a full-access account that has no password. I'd suggest you add a password to those files, but if you really want to bypass it you can do so via the command line:

fmsadmin set serverconfig securefilesonly=false



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Thanks for the comeback. I got around  the 125 (though it seemed like the max was less) by keeping the old files closed until someone may need it. Which is seldom. I put passwords on all the files tht didn’t have them. Thanks again. 

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