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Can you put a popover in a popover?

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I'm trying to add a popover onto a popover on an iOS layout. On the original popover, the user has buttons they can choose from. Some users, especially new ones, may need an explanation as to what a button does. I want to avoid clutter for experienced users, so instead of providing an explanation directly on the original popover, I want to add a "?" button that opens a 2nd a popover that provides an explanation. The 2nd popover that I have added onto the original one does not open, but does open when I move it off of the popover.

Is it just not possible to do this? If so, does anyone have a better idea? Thank you!

I am using FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced

I have provided screenshots of:

1) the popover that appears on the original popover and

2) the second popover working as intended when I move it off of the original popover.

Popover button on Popover.png

Popover working as intended when not placed over another popover.png

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1 hour ago, bcooney said:

you cannot nest popovers.

Even with independent popovers, opening one closes the other. 


3 hours ago, CharleyAK said:

does anyone have a better idea?

Why not use the feature intended specifically for your stated purpose of providing explanation - tooltip. It's easy to set up and it works in a popover, too.


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