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I have been using Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced since 2013 years & it does absolutely everything I need it to do. I'm very happy and don't want to change. My daughter has very similar needs to me and would like to use FM Pro 12 Advanced but I suppose you can no longer purchase 12.

If I were to purchase the latest, which I understand is Filemaker 19, is everything completely transferrable from 12 to 19 including Scripts, Databases etc?

What I'd really like to do is buy my daughter a copy of 12 it would all be so much easier then. Is there any way this can still be done?

Thanks in advance.

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Yes it uses the same file format, no conversion needed. However if she adds any of the newer features, then those features won't work in version 12, although you'd still be able to open the file. A lot of good stuff has been added since version 12. And it looks like Windows 10 is your OS so you don't have to worry about that.

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