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Help with FileMaker worker machine setup using a PFSense firewall

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I'm setting up a FileMaker worker machine to provide web access to our FileMaker Server (version 16), going through a PFSense firewall. I have a NIC on the worker facing the Internet, and another going to the OPT2 NIC on the firewall. I thought it would be fairly simple to direct that through the firewall and onto our private network, but I can't even ping the firewall from the worker machine. Wondering if there's anyone here familiar with this setup, or perhaps just a good idea in general what I should do here. My networking experience is limited.



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Pinging is not a good connectivity test.  Nobody in their right mind still has internet equipment that responds to pings.

Given that you state that your networking experience is limited, and given the importance of getting a well protected firewall set up; I would find a trusted local networking guy.

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