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Checkbox check uncheck another checkbox

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I have a layout allowing the user to add custom categories to a drop down menu on another layout since these will change. A name plus active or inactive checkboxes. THE PLAN When the user interacts with the drop down menu the inactive names do not appear only active names. The idea is to also retain the record when the name becomes inactive in the future. Example Bob is active in May and available as a choice, but retires in June so no longer active so no longer available as choice, but if I look up that May record I still want to see Bob' name. Inactive and active checkboxes must act in concert and only one can be checked at any given time.

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I don't see why you need the other checkbox. If someone is checked as Active, then clearly they are not Inactive - and vice versa. Having two objects display the same thing can only be confusing, IMHO.

Still, if you want, you could simply use two buttons to toggle the active status and have them show the check mark conditionally - see the attached  demo.


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