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Web publ problem: button with insert device function no longer works

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Last week, my URL link to my FM file shared via a FMS18.0.4 server worked perfectly with any browser on any smartphone. In my file I have a button calling the Insert from Device function to update a container field from any smartphone camera.

It worked perfectly... until few days ago, the button stopped activating the smartphone camera.  When I open the file with either FM19 or FM18 via, sometimes the script "take picture" for the camera button would just have its content emptied but sometimes reappearing.  When the content is emptied some functions no longer show up under the list on the right of the script (no more Insert functions for example).

What is strange is that if I open the file directly with FilemakerGo it works perfectly... but not through my browser anymore (it did work previously).

I am going crazy figuring out why is this happening as this link was working before. I have just created a simple file with only one button "take picture" and I get the same result, the insert from device function does no longer works and the script acts also weirdly as described above **REDACTED**

Can anyone help please ? 🙏



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Thank god I have found a workaround even better that the Insert from device function:the Insert Picture function and best of all it works on a computer unlike the Insert from device that only works on smartphones (I maintained the fact that the insert from device worked previously on a browser.)

But I would really like to know why this weird behavior happened though because I know that I won't be the only one experiencing it.


PS: although the FM18 documentation says the Insert from device and Insert Picture are not compatible with FMS18, they both are (at least the latter works for me now as it is working with my Safari browser)



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The reference in the help documents about the script step not being compatible means that it wasn't tested to work, or you will experience issues, not necessarily that it would never function at all. As you have found, it may or may not work without warning.

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