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How to change the contents of a field

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I am sure this is going to seem like a very stupid question, but.....

I need to write a script that

          (1) goes to a particular field (2) removes any content in that field (3) replaces it with a single letter "y"

Can some kind person please tell me the script steps to achieve this, as I cannot seem to figure it out for myself.

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Why not simply:

Set Field [ YourTable::YourField ; "y" ]

There is no need to go the field or remove its content beforehand. However, depending on when and why you're doing this you may want to follow this with Commit Records.


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Thank you, comment. Once again you save the day for me!

Being an amateur, I tend to think "what steps do I want to do, which script-steps acheive that".  I never use "Set" outside of scripts, so I don't tend to think of it.

Thanks again

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