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Repeating fields

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Not sure if this is the right section.

I want to create a row of repeating fields, not in a portal, in the same table

so Fields like

Type.    Date.    reference

so when I enter a new record , it creates a new one below to add another record and so on.



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I don't think you really want to go that way. Repeating fields have many disadvantages compared to related records. For example, the number of repetitions must be fixed in advance, while you can can have as many (or as little) related records as needed. Repetitions cannot be sorted. Repetitions cannot be found or omitted. Repetitions cannot be scrolled. Repetitions of different records cannot be grouped and summarized together. That's just off the top of my head.


24 minutes ago, Chrism said:

when I enter a new record , it creates a new one below to add another record and so on.

That can happen only in a portal.


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Ok thanks, sorry my terminology might be wrong.

So if I created a portal, assume this would need to be a separate table with relationship? Can't be in the same table?

I need to be importing 1000's of records, I have 3 x different types, a date field and couple of other text fields. One of these text fields needs to have a relationship to a different table. Call it text field1. This works as expected using one of the Field1's.

So not sure if I can import the data if I have data in different tables?

At the moment I have the 3 different types as separate fields, with 3 x different field1's, but I can't add them all the same same relationship as it doesn't work

Current data

Type1.    Type 1 date.       type2Field1.     type1Field2

Type2.    Type 2 date.       type2Field1.     type2Field2

Type3.    Type 3 date.       type3Field1.     type3Field2

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I am afraid I lost track of what this question is about. Your first concern should be data structure. That means tables, fields and relationships. If you have 1000's of records, and all of these records describe objects that belong to the same entity, then that's going to be a table with 1000's of records. You certainly don't want to put your data into 1000's of field repetitions.

Now, portals are layout objects designed to display data. That's a secondary concern. Usually a portal will display data from a related table, but it can also display data from the same table. That depends on how you want to design your user interface, and has nothing to do with data structure.

Going back to data structure, I am not able to figure out anything from your description. Perhaps describe the actual data instead of an abstract example.


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