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Relationships and portals

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I have a database with a few relationships setup, and is pretty much working as expected. Pic attached

Assessors (contacts) can be added from the Company (Member) record via a portal and all links nicely

Certification records link to the Company, and show all relevant certifications done by Applicants and assessed that Company via a portal.  The Certification records are bulk imported from another system and match by the company name

In the Assessor (contacts) record, a portal shows all their training courses they have done / doing via a portal to the Assessor Training table and you can add a record here

And in the company (member) record I can see all the training courses that the linked Assessors have done / doing.

Interactions link to Company

As do Email templates.

It is all very neat and works.

But the only issue I am having is I want to be able to manage the Training as whole via a dedicated Portal and show all training records of all assessors from every company, that can be filtered by Training type and Date so I can maybe create different portals with different course dates on etc.

But i'm not sure what to set the 'Show records from' on the layout, if i set it to 'Assessor' (Contacts) is just shows all the contact records and ignore whatever filter i put on

If i set it to 'Training', then it just shows all records and no way to filter

Help Appreciated!

Screenshot 2020-09-11 at 15.29.30.png

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19 minutes ago, Chrism said:

show all training records of all assessors from every company,

Why would you want to use a portal for this, instead of a layout of the training table where you can "filter" the shown records simply by performing a find?


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Yeah you are right, layout would make sense and yes I can do Everything I need it to do.

I just want a slick way for my users to manage the Training courses, with easy to use searches, Which I can do and have all it preset up.

But these training courses run every month and I want the ability fo the users to add new courses themselves without having to delve into the layout menus of Filemaker!

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I almost want some kind of simple button a user can run that they enter a coupe of key fields (Course Type, Venue and Date) and this creates a layout or view with just the filter list of Courses with the attendees

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