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Update from 4 to 6 Error in Login

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I have a problem after updating from MirrorSync 4 to 6. I installed Mirrorsync 6 as described in the Updates Notes to the server in the folder where Mirror 4 was already located.

The installation was also successful. But when I logged in to the Mirrorsync Console with the same login data (Server Adress and so on)  as before, I got the error:


"Could not connect to the URL where this application was downloaded from" : (and my Server Adress)


What have I done wrong?

Greeting Philipp


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Hi Phillip,

I suspect that you may have not typed the server address in correctly/completely. In general it should match exactly the URL used to reach the MirrorSync page in a browser where the configuration client is downloaded. The format should be <protocol><HostnameOrIPAddress>/<nameOfInstance>. Protocol will be http:// or https:// if you have an SSL certificate installed. For example, if you have an SSL certificate installed, your server is at example.com and your instance is called the default "MirrorSync" then the server address you should enter is https://example.com/MirrorSync. The instance name is case sensitive so if you are using the default name make sure that you have a capital "M" and "S". If you are putting in the exact address that you are putting into the browser to reach the MirrorSync page and still getting this error, please send an email to support@360works.com to create an official support ticket and reference this thread.

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