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ScriptMaster on filmaker server 19

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Hi everyone,

I try to install own plug-in, created with 360works version 5.3, on my filemaker server 19. I follow 360Work's procedure for install it (https://static.360works.com/plugins/SCRIPTMASTERPLUGIN/documentation.html).

The problem is that when I try to activate my plug-in, the check does not stay on.

someone who had the same problem as me and managed to solve it?

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Starting in FileMaker 18 all plugins need to be signed by the developer. In FileMaker Pro, there is an option to allow the plugin to enable if it is not signed but this option does not exist in FileMaker Server and unsigned plugins will not enable. Please see the documentation here for further explanation as well as the section below it in regards to how to sign plugins. If you are not able to sign the plugin yourself or if you would prefer, we do offer signing services for 1 hour of development work at our current hourly rate (currently $185/hr). For that fee we will sign up to 3 plugins. This can be 3 iterations of the same plugin or 3 different plugins and does not need to be all at once. 

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