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Cannot set up automatic script after duplicating a database on server

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I created a duplicate of a database with a few small changes that I introduced for testing purposes. The original database and the copy both have an account called automaticreminders on it. I saved the duplicate of the database on the server in the same folder as for the original, and then I duplicated the scheduled script as follows.


Next, I tried to edit the schedule ExecuteDailyScripts Copy so that it would use the test version of the database rather than the original. But after changing the database and entering the account name and password, I get the following error:



What do I need to do to make the scripts available to the account automaticreminders?




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I'm on FM Server 16. I would have gone higher but wanted to save other users the trouble of upgrading their versions of Pro. 16 serves our needs well enough. Does anybody know how high I would need to go (17, 18, 19?) to lose the bug? 

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