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📣  ANN fmLifeBoat for FileMaker is now available

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What do clients hate? Unknown timelines and expensive fees — so we built a solution to mitigate the expense and time of rescuing corrupted FileMaker files. 

Neo Code has launched fmLifeBoat. 

fmLifeBoat enables us to:

- Run damage tests

- Assess the damage 

- Rescue a file

- Reupload a database

- Run a final damage test to make sure the damage is no longer present

- Return files to clients, damage free, with a report

The service allows us to provide a free estimate and timeline to completely repair corrupted files. 

Our fmLifeBoat is the only database rescue service available. It’s affordable and far more efficient than a normal database or code fix.

Read more here: https://neocode.com/fmlifeboat and download the infographic.


Neo Code Software is a Claris Platinum Partner. We build custom workflows, and provide  development and rescue services on legacy databases.

Interested in becoming a product partner? Contact us at 1.888.748.0668.


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This topic is 957 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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