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Child process error on startup - Filemaker 18 and 19

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We're running SuperContainer version 2.9516, and we are getting the following error;

"Plug-in Initialization Error

Unable to launch plug-in child process JVM"


This error is happening on a variety of machines - Windows 7, Windows 10, Mac 10.15.6, Filemaker Pro 18.0.3, Filemaker Pro 19.1.2, and some machines have Java installed, some do not. This error occurs when Filemaker is opened, not the database. When this error occurs, we have to go in and manually check to turn SuperContainer on.


Any advice on this?


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Hello, please have affected users install this build of the plugin. If the issue persists, please see the documentation here for how to send us the appropriate logs. You can send them to support@360works.com and reference this thread. 

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Thanks! Installing that newer build (SuperContainer Companion Plugin version 2.953801) fixed the "Unable to launch plug-in child process JVM" Initialization Error for me.

FMP18v3 Advanced, macOS 10.15.7

So, isn't it time to update https://360works.com/supercontainer/ with a warning about this known Companion Plugin issue, so that newcomers unaware of this forum post don't have to run into trouble in the first place? Right now the only choice is to still download version 2.9516.

(And searching the documentation at http://docs.360works.com/index.php/SuperContainer_Troubleshooting_and_Known_Issues for "jvm" or "initialization" doesn't find anything)


Edited by David Hollander
wanted to expand on why the documentation needs updating
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