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📣  ANN Automated Access to FileMaker 19 Conversion with FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition 9.13

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Fremont, California - .com Solutions Inc. today is pleased to announce the release of FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition 9.13 with support for automated Microsoft Access to FileMaker Pro 19 migrations. FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition 9.13 enhances the Access to FileMaker 19 conversion feature in the following ways:

* Relationships are created more accurately during the conversion process because all table/fields are now converted to be SQL compliant.
* Table occurrences are also standardized to use SQL compliant table/field names so that they get created correctly. The menu allowing manual selection of a TO base table now displays the converted base table names.
* The list of TOs displayed on the Layouts tab now uses the converted TO names when updating layout TO names manually.
* When performing an Access to FileMaker data transfer, the completion status now displays correctly after it has completed.
* On macOS and Windows support has been added for creating layouts with FileMaker Pro 19.1.2 by changing the process which deletes layout parts before pasting the layout contents via the clipboard.

Converting legacy Microsoft Access databases to FileMaker 16 offers many advantages including: 

* Cross platform compatibility: FileMaker solutions run directly on macOS, Windows and IOS devices. WebDirect serves FileMaker custom apps to all mobile and desktop platforms running a supported web browser. Access can only run on the Microsoft Windows operating system.

* Easier database sharing: FileMaker database files can be shared using FileMaker Server or FileMaker Cloud with macOS, Windows and IOS devices. WebDirect serves FileMaker database files to any device or platform using any supported web browser.

* Improved reliability: Access database files require frequent maintenance to "compact and repair" the database. Sharing Access files on a network file share typically results in file corruption. FileMaker solutions don't have any of these problems and file sharing is reliably supported from within the FileMaker application for peer to peer sharing or via FileMaker Server or FileMaker Cloud on AWS.

* Greatly enhanced file capacity: FileMaker supports a 7TB filesize compared with the anemic 2GB Access filesize limit. If the Access database file ever exceeds the 2GB file size limit, it will immediately become corrupted.

* Easier Development: Upgrading to FileMaker Pro 19 also offers developers the opportunity to take advantage of the latest design, development and security features included with FileMaker Pro 19 and FileMaker Server 19 and FileMaker Cloud including WebDirect capacity enhancements.


FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition 9.13

Access to FileMaker Migration Feature

Download FmPro Migrator



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This topic is 955 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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