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📣  ANN fmcloud.fm 2.0 - Linux based FileMaker hosting service. Worldwide.

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a bit of advertising today, but it's worth it :)  

As you may know, Claris has just announced the release of FileMaker Server on Linux. It's not just another supported operating system, it's a revolution for FileMaker hosting.

At 1-more-thing, we have once again invested a lot of energy to bring you an outstanding service for a great price.

It is now cheaper to have a server in the cloud than in your own premises, and the service that goes with it is simply incredible.

Support, backups, updates, monitoring...

I can say it all the more easily since I am not directly involved personally, but what our hosting team, led by Romain Dunand (@Airmoi) (and assisted by high-flying external experts) has achieved here is absolutely amazing.

And of course, our offers are always without any term commitment: our customers stay because they are satisfied, not because they are captive.

Examples of prices for a FileMaker license of 5 users :
Starter : $59/month - 10GB of storage, 2 cores guaranteed
Pro : 99€/month - 30GB of storage, 4 guaranteed cores + WebDirect, ODBC, custom domain (with your SSL certificate)

You can try our configurator here.

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This topic is 955 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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