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Multi user javascript data

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Hi all

We are considering a javascript based task list to be shown in the web viewer. My query is how this can work in terms of ensuring everyone sees the most up to date data.

e.g. user A adds a task in to the web viewer page, that then executes a FIleMaker script which adds that data in to the appropriate table.

User B will not see that new task until they refresh the browser. Refreshing is not ideal because it might mean they lose what they were working on. Instead a Javascript function would need to be executed, either from within the web viewer or from FileMaker. This would pull in any new data in to the appropriate html element without refreshing the whole web viewer.

Is there a way that when user A makes a change, User B's client is told to perform the 'limited refresh' described above? As far as I can see the alternative is to use timer scripts - either complete javascript/webviewer based or from FileMaker.


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HI. Have you looked at the Kanban board as a possible use for your task list? That add-on has an auto-refresh feature. It pulls data from a table and it will auto-add anything added to the table from many different users.

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