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Deleting portal row is deleting the child record??

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I have tried to find the answer to this but cannot.  I have a HOUSE Table (parent) and an OCCUPANT Table (child).  I have a portal on the HOUSE layout showing the occupants for a particular house.  When I delete the occupant, it also deletes the occupants record!!  I do not have the delete box checked in the edit relationship dialogue box.  I have attached the file.   Thanks for any assistance.


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Yes, deleting a portal row means deleting the child record shown in that row. There is nothing else to delete: a portal row has no existence of its own. If you want to remove the occupant from the portal and keep the occupant record as an orphan, you need to empty the house ID field in the occupant's record, not delete the portal row.

10 hours ago, Greg58 said:

I do not have the delete box checked

That box serves a different purpose; when checked on the Occupant's side,  it will delete all child occupant records when you delete the parent house record. IOW, it makes sure there are no orphans left in the child table when a parent is deleted.

Perhaps you were thinking of a different situation, where a person can live in more than one house. In such case there would be three tables - and deleting the record joining a person to a house would not affect the person's record itself.


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