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Moving SuperContainer Solution from single server to two server (Master and Worker Machine) Deployment


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My organization is having me move some of my Filemaker solutions to new servers and I want to know how I can move a one supercontainer license to a 2 server configuration of FileMaker.  The new deployment will be running FileMaker 19 on two servers. One Master Machine inside a firewall and one Worker Machine (web).
I assume I should download the latest version of SuperContainer but I am not sure how to install it for a 2 machine deployment. Do I load it on the master machine or on the worker machine?  I use SuperContainer to allow my web users and FMP users to upload and download attachments through a web viewer on the same layouts accessible through both FMP and web direct. The same layouts are accessed by some users who directly connect to the solution with a FileMaker Pro client.
My FMP users will access the internal machine (master machine) as the master machine is where the fmp files are kept. The web users will come in via a webdirect using a url through their web browser to access the solution. They will be accessing the external machine (worker machine).  Do I load the same supercontainer license on each server (is that even possible to use the same license)?
Thanks for any help you can provide.
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For a split machine deployment and users accessing files in a web viewer in web direct, we recommend that you install SuperContainer on the worker machine. The reason for this is because the web direct URL and supercontainer will have the same hostname/IP address and should prevent any issues where the browser will block a web viewer from loading due to cross domain restrictions. You will register SuperContainer through the web page interface (hostnameOrIPaddress/SuperContainer/Registration)

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This topic is 946 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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