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Exporting to Excel doesn't repeat item labels for one field?

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I have a report based on a join table. This report only contains sub-summary parts. The first summary part is grouped by 'employee name', and the second part is grouped by 'hour type'. This report displays on PC and prints just fine, but when I export the report to an Excel file it omits any subsequent appearances of the 'employee name' field. All the other fields are fine.

Here's the layout view. Imp_EmpID, HourType, and s_Hours all come from the parent table. c_Name_Reversed and SubDeptartmentName come from child tables:


Here's the report view from within FM (names redacted):


And this is what the export looks like:


The employee ID number does repeat, but the name doesn't.

How can I modify this so that the name field shows up on all repetitions?

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