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Creating an OR relationship

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I have Client Table and Certifications table, I have already a relationship between the 2 tables based based on Company name.

Some Companies have another name, so i'd to make a relationship also if Company name on the Certifications table also matches Company name2 of the Client table.

Is this possible?




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It is possible if you define a calculation field in the Clients table =

List ( CompanyName ; CompanyName2 )

and use it as the match field for the relationship. 

Alternatively, you could make the CompanyName field a repeating field with 2 (or more) repetitions. This too would create an OR relationship when used as the match field.

Is this a good solution? I am not sure. Ideally, a relationship is based on matching a value that is unique (in the parent table) and permanent.  A name does not necessarily meet either of these criteria.


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Perfect thanks!

The Calculation filed works a treat.

Yes I know making a relationship this way is not the best, unfortunately we get a lot of this data is from a CSV import and the only way to match anything is by the Company Name!

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