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I've been using FileMaker for many, many years... dabbled enough in building solutions to be dangerous. Over the years I often come across a problem that has no solution, but a notorious work-around. Filemaker's limitations provide endless frustrations for this simpleton. Just this evening, I was building a very-very simple database, and just needed a field to have a basic drop down list... but no matter how i work it, it is ugly, or over complicated, and borderline dysfunctional. Why is the very basics of a useful tool like a drop down list so gosh dang junky!?! There are many features FMP has, I'd almost trade them all for a simple/functional way to build a drop down list.

DROP-DOWN LIST :: Works perfect, minus it displays the mile long UUID matchfield. Sure, you could do the workaround where you pile a junky label over the top to hide this monstrosity, but the UUID will still be revealed when the user enters into the drop-down field hidden below. Behind the scenes data has no business being displayed to the User. If there were only simple checkbox to have Drop-Down List display value list as specified, we would have a proper, simple, and slick solution to this problem that should not exist in the first place.

POP-UP MENU :: This works perfect too, minus the User can not tab into it (at least on a Mac). On simple solutions, I'd like to be able to keyboard through an entire form. Going back and forth from mouse to keyboard over, and over throughout entry is insane.

(Both of these options are stuck-on-stupid in one way or another!)

THIRD OPTION :: You could over complicate a simple need of a drop down list by using a pop-over, card window, etc... displaying a portal of records, or even a list view of records. But two things, all we need is a simple freaking drop down list, this development should not be necessary. And even worse, to the best of my knowledge, the User then looses the ability to key to the option they want by typing the first few letters. Unless of course you wish to further complicate the solutions by developing a search bar (which works great, but this seems like an excessive amount of trouble to go through when we only simple drop list is needed.

Sorry. This post is just some pent up frustration with FMP... I've spent many hundreds dollars on this application, I've even hired a few pros to help me out... I've endured anticipation of these types of issues being resolved in the next release, only to be let down time after time, after time. Only given new "fancy" features that do not fix my basic and fundamental needs.

Do I need to move away from FMP?.. spend multiple thousands and hire a full fledge coder to write Laravel or Next.js web program for me?.. or worse, conform just use one of these canned software programs that does not work like me? I'm about ready to walk away.

If you have, or know of a solution to my frustrations on this topic, I thank you in advance if you would be so kind as to share. Thank you for listening.

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6 hours ago, Dr. Evil said:

Only given new "fancy" features that do not fix my basic and fundamental needs.

And that's probably not going to change:


6 hours ago, Dr. Evil said:

If you have, or know of a solution to my frustrations on this topic

My solution was to lower the expectations...


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