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I use Zulu for years now to show our production Schedule (What Product, How Many units run When, on what Production Line and Purchase Orders, What will be delivered/or at least is promised to be delivered :-)). 

However.. if an production order spans multiple days, it is not very readable in the calendar. In that case, I would like to show the event as "recurring".. but only in that case. Is that achievable? 

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Hi pfroelicher,

Zulu has functionality built in to handle recurring events. Instead of having many large multi-day events, you can create "recurring events" that occur based on any time or day interval.

Please refer to our Zulu documentation on that subject at the following link http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Zulu_-_Recurrence .

It is recommended that you create the recurring events on the non-FileMaker side of the calendars (ie. Apple Cal, Google, Exchange) as it is easier, but it is also possible to create the recurring event within FileMaker. There is a built in script in the Zulu Events interface table that can help you generate them. Make sure to create and map the Recurrence and RecurrenceID fields on your events table as well.

Please let me know if you have any other questions on this topic.

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