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Creating a Sales Summary for multiple items

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Hi, I want to create a preferably automatically-updated table (Monthly Sales Report) that tallies the daily sales qtys for multiple items - see PDF attached.

PM = Past Month totals; Tot = total of the individual columns ie Single, King Single, Long Single, Double, Queen, King.

If not an automatic solution, could I create a looped routine to generate data for each item one by one and then populate a page in another layout (copy & paste routine)? I also considered creating sub-summaries and sorting by date, but I couldn't see how to create an elegant summary such as the attached PDF with zero days included.

FM data is drawn from MYOB and stored in multiple tables, but for this solution I will only be accessing one FM table - Invoice items.

Although doing development on a Mac using FM15 Advanced I will be eventually running the solution on a cloud-based Server with WebDirect or people accessing via Windows-based FM (in case that matters).

I hope I have provided enough information.

I know there are more elegant solutions than my previous very labour-intensive versions. If someone could steer me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated.

Sales Tracker sample.pdf

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