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I need to send html email from FMSP. There's the option in the FMSP for the 360Works email.

As I am considering two options, being 360Works email and Dacon's Mailit 8, I wanted to know whether the 360Works email is already integrated with FMSP 2020, or whether I need to add it using scripting? Which plugin allows for the easiest integration on a network?




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Hi Sam, we have used both 360works Email and MailIt 7-8 extensively. We use many 360works products and are fond of them. If you are looking for ease of integration, complete would definitely recommend Mailit in this case. We also had continues issues with 360work's Email plug-in pulling none or too many emails from IMAP servers, which required a deep-dive into the plugin's functionality and complicated workarounds. Mailit has always worked flawlessly for us. What's more, it's also more feature-rich than 360work's product. (Sorry Jesse!)

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