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MS 6.12 - FMS to FMS sync, randomly 'missing' updated modification timestamps?

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I am running into an issue with MS 6.12 lately. I recently upgraded from MS v4 and thought MS6 did the job just fine. 


I sync FMS-FMS only. No offline files. 

I notice that randomly, an updated modified timestamp gets 'ignored' by MS, and the corresponding changes never push to the hub server. I end up with different datasets in the hub and spoke. Then, with another change committed, the MOD timestamp int he hub updates, and that's when MS6 has another chance of picking up that change. 

What's concerning is that at this point, it's basically a gamble which changes will sync and which won't. 


What's the best approach to troubleshoot this? I am almost certain I must be doing something wrong as MS4 never demonstrated that behavior? 


Thank you!

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This problem is almost certainly related to changes being made by users in time zones that are outside of the FileMaker server’s time zone, specifically west of the server. 

The solution is explained here:


—Jesse Barnum

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Thank you Jesse, I will investigate that. 

All our servers run on Pacific time though; and while I will triple check that all clients run Pacific, too, that would not explain why a modification timestamp of 8:29 AM can persist despite another modification timestamp reading 8:57 AM on another servers - neither timestamp carries any timezone information, so I'm confused as to how mirrorsync would be able to interpret the 8:57 AM as from a different, past timezone. 

I will report back if I get to the bottom of this - I am sure you have seen this before, but for me it's confusing...


Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 10.51.34 PM.png

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