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PopUp field in Portal row not populated on Spoke after Sync

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I have a simple central Hub with 1 Spoke (iPad).

On the hub there is a layout with a Portal that allows users to enter a new record in the related table.

 have essentially mirrored this on the Spoke iPad.  However, when I populate a Portal Row on the Hub, then sync.  The Portal Row on the Spoke iPad is unpopulated.  On the iPad, I can go to the Layout affected and manually enter a row in the the Portal, but this needs to work automatically.

Any suggestions in how to diagnose this issue?

The version of MirrorSync I am using is 6.12 with version 19 of FMS and FM GO

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Hi Crawfcol,

It seems like the related table and fields that the Portal Row is associated with is not set up to be synced. Because the records from the Portal are coming from a different table than the one that is syncing, you'll need to make sure that related table and the fields that you want to sync are set up in your MirrorSync configuration to be synced.

MirrorSync doesn't really care about the portal, it just needs to know that you want to sync records from that related table, and the relationship between the two tables.

After checking your MirrorSync configuration, and it seems like MirrorSync is not behaving correctly, then please submit a MirrorSync bug report from your MirrorSync admin page ( localhost/MirrorSync or yourserveraddress/MirrorSync) by clicking the Send problem report link.

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I have submitted a bug report.  I have also generated an Export of my configuration (which I obviously can't post here).  If you need the Export let me know where best to upload it securely.

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