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Wrongful deletion of records on the device

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SEVERE: Same insertOrder for two different spoke rows in table xxx. This is usually caused by 1) changing the primary key of a record that has already been synced, or 2) syncing from an older copy of a file that has been more recently synced. joinId: 2990; insertOrder: 68812; syncId for row 1 is 390957; nodeId for row 1 is '1FFC3248-6B67-4B4A-A4DB-9F58AA3A157E'; syncId for row 2 is 379776; nodeId for row 2 is 'D21D5469-A552-1249-8036-7F50A155E7FA'

Started to have this error out of the blue this week.
This resulted in record deletions on the device (thankfully not on the server).
I had to force full deletion of the app + initial sync for 2 users so far.

This is quite a huge bug.

What can cause this exactly ?

We haven't touched anything related to the tables affected.


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  • sfpx changed the title to Wrongful deletion of records on the device
7 minutes ago, Jesse Barnum said:

What version?

It's ms 4

I know it's an older version and we plan to upgrade in the upcoming weeks/months but we never had this problem before and out of the blue it has started doing that this week.

I'm quite worried about it and I would like to understand what can cause this (not sure I understand the error message)

By looking at the logs it happened on about 2-3 tables for 2 users so far.

Is this a known bug of ms 4 that has been fixed in a more recent version ?

Anyway ms 4 still works well and we never had this error before.


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It is most likely caused by one of the two causes mentioned in the error message.

MirrorSync 6 does an extra validation step before deleting records to double-check that the record is really missing, that will fix the problem.

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