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Is is possible to sequentially number Subsummary parts on a report layout

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What I need to do is provide sequential line number for records instances on a report in list view. The number is of no value other than to provide a visual tool for departments to communicate. It's not stored, and it's not referenced by any other field or table. But the numbering must restart after a sub summary break for a new category. As you can see by my example (see pic for example marked in red) where the numbering continues 6,7,8... I need that to restart as 1,2,3..... at the new category.  I know this topic has been discussed before and an article exists by Osborn. But I cannot find the article. I would very much appreciate a link to the article or a maybe an answer to this question. Thank you.

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 11.31.51 AM.jpg

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I am confused: your title says "sequentially number Subsummary parts" - but then you say you need to "provide sequential line number for records instances". Those are two different things. The former is complicated. The latter used to be complicated, but now is trivial: use a summary field defined as running count with restart. 


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@comment My title may not have been the most accurately worded, but you did successfully answer my question. So thank you very much for that. I was indeed looking for, as you put it, "trivial" answer and that's sometimes all you need. 😀


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