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FM Books Connector Pull Customers Issue

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In the PCQB_Demo File, when I click the "Get Customer" button, it will only pull a portion of the customers with the letter A of the first name.  It will not pull the whole list of customers.  Is this an easy fix?  I pull customers so that I can get the QB Id number instead of having to push the customer from FileMaker Pro and creating a duplicate customer or getting an error that I can not push that customer because it already exists.  I just use it to capture the QB id number.  I have the FM Books Connector plug in installed, I have the license number registered, and I have tested the connection.  

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It's likely that the demo file's query applies a NameFilter to limit the time it takes to return its result. If you remove that node, and there are no other filters applied, the query will return all customers.

Be careful sending an unfiltered CustomerQuery Request if the QB file contains more than a couple thousand customers. There's a point at which the amount of data in a Customer or Vendor query's response will dramatically increases the time it takes FileMaker to receive it and become responsive again. If there are more than 10,000 QB customers, it can seem like FileMaker has permanently hung after sending the query request. Really large QB Customer lists can take up to an hour of the "flipping hourglass" before FMP becomes responsive again.

All that said: Unless you're populating your FMP Customer table from the CustomerQueryRs, or a "shadow table" that you'll use to help you match the QB and FMP records, you're likely to have more success walking your FMP Customer list and passing the FullName element to find exact matches.


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