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Pulling form fields names from a PDF

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I've been using the scribe plugin and its awesome. However, I would like to refine my process a bit by pulling the form field names from the PDF so I can build my SQL and then write the data back. I looked at the scribeDocListrFields but that pulls everything. IS there a way just to pull back for fillable forms fields names? 


The overall scope of this is 125 PDF forms with about 250 different field names. Worst case I  suppose I could read all the fields name into a variable and do a ScribePatternMatchAll  validation, but just wanted to check if there was something I was missing like:

(ScribeDocListFields;"Fillable Form Field Names")  






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Hi Fitzy,

ScribeDocListFields returns a list of all named fields in the PDF. There is not currently a way to apply filters to that function so that the return is a subset of the named fields. I think your approach with ScribeDocPatternMatchAll or perhaps FileMaker native functions can help in refining the list.

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