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How to get a count summary of past month

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I'm currently building a layout to display data of reported errors during our production.

The layout consist of:

A chart that display the errors title and a summary count of that title.

A Sub Summary sorted by the error title, that shows the error title and summary count of that title.

I can display the data for the current selected month just fine, my problem is that I'm also interested in displaying the count of shown errors from the last 3 months, and I'm unsure how to achieve this.

I'm thinking of 2 global fields where I store my two found summary count, but how is that count going to link to the the error title?

Any help appreciated.

Example on what I'm trying to do.



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18 hours ago, comment said:

here is one:

With some tweaks and change of requirements i got it working and displaying the right data. Thanks!

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